1.Technical solution

Attached below the IT diagram related to the 1st Prometeo Prototype in July 2019.
Tecnhology: IoT Device, IBM IoT Platform, NodeRed, Cognitive services,  Container service and Client.
There is a community of developers to improve the solution.
For more details follow the link to the open source community: Response/Prometeo/projects


The IoT device recollects key data: Temperature, Humidity and amount of smoke (CO concentration).

Tecnhology: ESP8266 micro-controller with NodeMCU firmware, DHT11 for Temperature and Humidity, MQ-2 sensor for smoke concentration . C onnectivity options: through tethering with a mobile phone or with local network based on Project Owl.

3.Monitoring Console

Dashboard with real time alerts about the environmental data for each firefighter.

4.Prometeo testing

10th-11th February 2020, 1st Prometeo testing on the field with GRAF Deparment from Bombers Generalitat in Barcelona

Prescribed burn in Olivella, Barcelona

Testing Target: 1) Environmental real data from firefighters while they are working on a prescribed burn, 2) Testing casing design, size, weight and allocation and 3) recollecting feedback and suggestions from firefighters

Results: 1) Data store 3 variables (Temperature, Humidity and CO Concentration) from 10 firefighters during 2 days, 2) Casing roadmap and 3) design proposals and new allocation ideas for the device were made by firefighters



  • Wildland Firefighters GRAF and Bombers Catalunya for their labor against wildfires and their inspiring message. Thanks for your help on testing the IoT device in the field.
  • Call for code, Code&Response and The Linux Foundation's help and support.
  • Josep Ràfols for his contribution to Prometeo open source community.
  • Vicenç Ferres for his contribution related to smoke concentration parameters.
  • Project Owl for his help in product testing and code
  • Based on Billie Thompson's README template .
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